Provision of nutritious food to vulnerable families

With the second deadly wave of COVID-19, thousands of vulnerable families have been exposed to food insecurity. Your small donation would go towards feeding the hungry and homeless. Your donations will help CHD Group deliver essential food survival ration (Dry Food Ration Kits*) to rural vulnerable communities who are unsure about their next meal.

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Your contribution has the power to give the gift of life

Donations can make a huge difference in the lives of disadvantaged communities and families affected by COVID-19. We aim to ensure that everyone in the community has fair access to healthcare and life-sustaining services, so that no life is lost due to lack of medical care.

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Each Dry Food Ration Kit can serve 2 people with 40 meals for about a month which costs Rs 400. Each kit contains - Rice, Sugar, Toor Dal, Flour, Dalia, Salt, Tea Powder, Chili Powder, Turmeric Powder

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