Mission ICU – Ventilating Karnataka

Mission ICU aims to add 1000 ICU beds and relevant equipment in the next 90 days.

We have shortlisted the top 200 hospitals in Karnataka outside of Bangalore which will handle about 70% of the cases in the next three months. Using a standardized kit based approach, we are augmenting current capacity by adding ICU beds.

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Karnataka, India

The tsunami of COVID had hit most parts of India, but the areas which are most unprepared are the Tier II and III towns. Large number of rural populations depend on these cities and they dont have the ICU and ventilator capacity nor the Oxygen support

Mission ICU powered by CHD Group is expanding the ICU capacity in small towns by rapidly ramping up ICU capacity in existing hospitals which have the infrastructure, staff and experience of managing covid cases.

Fund Commitments :
Commitment to about 100 ICU beds already received.
Partners : Vaatsalya Hospitals, Secure Hospitals, Primedeq, CoronaChampions.org, Xynteo, Arogya Seva
Co-founders of Mission ICU :
  • Dr.Ashwin Naik, Healthcare Entrepreneur, Founder Vatsalya Hospitals, Manah Wellness www.ashwinnaik.com
  • Dr. Edmond Fernandes, Community Health Physician and CEO, CHD Group.
  • CA Maanoj Shah, CFO & Social Entrepreneur, Founder 10 CFO & GiftCHANGE,
Want to support an ICU Unit or bed today ? : Write to us on headquarters@chdgroup.org/ indiaoffice.chd@gmail.com or call us on +91-824-4116824. ( 10 am to 5pm)


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