Creating and Deploying Mobile Medical Units to provide healthcare services to underserved population

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India is currently experiencing the world’s worst coronavirus outbreak, accounting for roughly one-third of all newly reported COVID cases in the last few days.

Many parts of the country are still under lockdown, and a large section of the society is unable to access overwhelmed hospitals.

CHD Group believes that Mobile Medical Units can play an important role in efficiently and cost-effectively serving underserved communities during pandemics.

It will aid in

  • Curative and preventive treatment,
  • Vaccine campaigns,
  • Regular blood test assistance,
  • Follow-up care and
  • Telemedicine consultation

With a doorstep approach, the MMUs will have a diagnostic laboratory that can test for Coronavirus and provide results quickly thus reducing turnaround time while further scaling up testing.

It would reduce the chances of transmission as patients can be tested within the confines of their surroundings preventing overcrowding at hospitals resulting in containing the virus.  The MMUs will staffed by a doctor, nurse, lab technician, driver and a helper to provide basic medical check-ups and care.

Together, with our skilled workforce and your contributions, we can transform the life of people in need!

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