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Our Commitments

CHD Group seeks to improve
people's lives all across the world, we believe that everyone,
both men and women, have the right to good health.

Achieve health for all

We work to advance public health to improve health outcomes for people.

Skill Development

We aim to accelerate community development by skilling the youth and supporting them with livelihood opportunities

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

We are dedicated to ensuring that every school going child learns to practice basic sanitation and good hygiene behavior at a young age

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Donation About

How your contribution
helps our work

When you make a financial contribution to one of these initiatives, you're providing assistance and hope to those who are in need. By making a donation, you'll join a community of people who want to see more goodness in the world and feel they have the capability to make it happen.

Lives Impacted

7 Ways you make
a difference through charity

  • 01.Help people in need
  • 02.Bring meaning to your life
  • 03.Make a difference
  • 04.Impact your community
  • 05.Inspire more donors
  • 06.Cultivate generous kids of tomorrow
  • 07.Receive a tax deduction






Villages Covered


Active Projects
Our Blog

You can check out our work. Are you ready for a
better, Latest News.

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New Award To Support Children Affected By Crises

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Make The Better Life For Somalia Porr People

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Do you want to know what it's like to work with CHD Group?
The testimonies below will give you an idea of what influence you create,
if you donate to us.

“CHD Doctor with his team was very kind to give us preventive health needs and also address our primary health concerns. Their inputs on social health aspects were most beneficial”

Health Camp Beneficiary

“We are very grateful to CHD Team for their kindness and efforts to reach us with Dal, Rice, Oil, etc and also giving mask and soaps and gloves for protection”

COVID-19 Response Beneficiary

“I was working in a hospital, but I didn’t have much medical knowledge, That is when I read about the free HHA course. It gave me a platform to learn”

Skill Development Student

“Free HHA course has taught me a lot. It has taught me why and how to take care of human beings, both physically and mentally.”

Skill Development Student